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Writing tips that will make your visitors Buy!

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You would not believe how many web sites do not ask for the sale! After all working people put in their sales letter, describing the benefits of your product, and lead people through the process sales, they overlook a simple but very important

And that oversight could be losing 20%   of your potential sales!

If you want people to take action on your site (buy, subscribe, fill out a request for more information, etc.), it is necessary to have a call to action that tells them exactly what you want to do. For example, if you want to click on a link to learn more about one of their products, which must include a link that says something like "Click here to see how the widget Gadget can save you hours of work! ! "

And if you want your visitors to make a purchase (and, of course, it does!) Must include a link that says something like, "Click here to get your own incredible time-saving Gadget Widget"

You might think it is obvious that people want to make a purchase - especially if you've written a great sales pitch that explains how incredible your product is. But no matter how convincing your sales letter is, if you do not provide your prospects with a call to the very specific action, then you're just leaving hanging them - and most of them will leave your site and never come back, it costs a lot of money on sales and future prospects.

Remember the "ABC" Sales: Always Be Closing. People need to be told what to do. If you want to make a purchase, you have to ask for the sale.

And if you have a site or copy short style catalog, do not make the mistake of asking for the sale just once! You have to give your visitors a wealth of opportunities to buy your product or service. All your web pages should include multiple links to your order form or shopping cart and phrases urgency-building action as ...

"Buy now!" "Limited time offer - get yours now!" "What are you waiting for? Click on this link to order your own ..." "Start today ... just click here!".

One more thing: leave all references to "buy" off the top fold of your website. That's the part of the website that appears on the computer screen when someone first arrives on your site. If you mention buying there, people will not have time enough to learn why they should buy your product, and you probably think you're just out of money. You want your potential customers to learn about the benefits of your product before ordering the sale.

By adding a simple call to action, it becomes easier for visitors to understand what they are supposed to do. And once they know they are supposed to buy something from you, they will - and their profits will go shooting through the roof!