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The Perfect write a sales letter

Before writing the eBook you are going to write the sales letter first. . Then we can transfer it to the "sales site" Main when we are designing our basic site in step 5


The main reason we are writing our sales copy before we write a word in our e-book is because it has not been done yet being created, which means that there is absolutely no limit what you can write in your letter sales. The sales letter does not fit the e-book; it's the other way around.

When the sales letter is completed then you can incorporate all the ideas that have arisen in your e-book

Your sales letter must do the following three things

• Get the prospects attention
• Communicate the benefits of the product
• Persuading potential customers in the action desired

Remember that the most important part of your page design is your actual sales letter.
Sales Letter Structure

• Headline / Title
• The promises
• Testimony
• Product Information
• Benefit
• Bonds
• Warranty
• Summary

This is the structure that should be used to copy sales. If you check out the best sales letter that all follow this formula?


The main function of the header / title is to grab the attention of the reader. The header should be displayed in a large font, in bold. This requires attention and intrigue your potential customer to read later. Include your logo or e-cover book (discussed later) near the head. If header is not well designed you run the risk of losing the potential customer immediately. Spend time creating your header.

A promise

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This section testimonials that old / new customers have sent you about your product or service are included. You probably do not have any client the same time so email some potential your free eBook in exchange for testimony. When you start selling you can always ask a new customer for one.

Now the testimonials page insured has the potential client that can fulfill the promises he made in his head has also earned some trust from your prospects for anything else to say follows the testimonials page will be taken as true. This is the reason why the witness is placed on top to gain trust right away where if it is placed on the bottom after presenting some good sales copy may already be too late.

And product info

you will find information in this section on what your product or service is. According to customers, how frustrating these problems can be and how you, yourself dealt with these problems. The key is to show the person who has a deep knowledge in this area and you are an expert on the subject. This is very important.

Then you must introduce your product as the solution to the problem. Th