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Get More People To Respect Your Value

Does not it suck when people do not honor the price you charge? As they always want a special deal? Well guess what? This may be YOUR fault! When people ring around for a quote on the price, and it is often the case with the Yellow Pages directory advertising, they would call 2-3 business normally. That's what people have been "trained to do as a consumer, and it's an ad that forces them to. How? All ads look the same!


Just think about when you need a service, say your lawn mowed. So you open the yellow pages and look for mowing the lawn, and there are dozens of ads with people who want to cut your grass. So who would you choose? Anyone who is the cheapest, right? And why? Because of all the ads look the same, so there is something that makes one different from the next business. And if that happens, the only difference comes down to the price!

Brand felt really, because if all the ads look the same PRICES then can be the only difference between them, right? So if advertising for every industry that almost all say the same thing, can you understand that you educate your market to base your value on the price? Then what you need to do is create a unique selling proposition that will make you STAND OUT from your competition.

Now let me explain what a unique selling proposition and how you can get one for your business. Every day we experience approximately 4,000 to 5,000 advertising messages, so we all need to do the job a little more difficult to stand out from the crowd, and that was what the USP will do for you. This CORE reason that someone should buy from you. And this is a great tool for finding your USP in half an hour.

Take a piece of paper and draw a straight line down the middle. On top of the left column I want to write "You know how ...." And here is where you write down all the things your competitors are doing poorly. Now we just build a list, so do not be critical of what you wrote was, or how you write it.

At the top of the right column write and here you write down all the things you are doing great, basically put all your cards. Once you do this, you should have a list of what your competitors are doing, and all the things you have to offer that is different from them, and that's what you base your unique selling proposition around.

And if you do not come up with anything from this exercise, then you need to make a difference! Once you have a USP, then turn it into a statement everywhere you go advertising, as a reason why someone should do business with you over others!

Another great way to make sure your customers are happy to pay extra for your business is what is called 'dollars to cents' copy. We all love a bargain, right? What this means is to throw so much value it's not funny. Say for example you have a $ 99 product for sale, and you throw $ 300 worth of free bonus, you will ensure customers out the way ahead in terms of value. So they pay you only a 'penny', but getting back 'dollars' value.

The key with this method is to ensure a bonus you throw at a low cost to you, but a high value to your customers. You could offer a free report, CD or DVD, all kinds of information like this is quite expensive to produce, but the information contained in it can be very valuable to your customers. This makes purchasing decisions much easier when your customers get more value than what they paid for. It is one of the techniques should always try to use, and it can literally set your sales soar!